Monday, 19 December 2011

LoZ: Minish Cap-Review Rate [Spoilers]

This game is a GBA title and I am playing it on my 3DS by being apart of the ambassador program, this is probably my favourite portable Zelda game and is now even in my top 3 Zelda games. 

1) LoZ: Wind Waker 
2) LoZ: Skyward Sword 
3) LoZ: Minish Cap

I haven't reviewed any games online before but this is the way I would usually review a game, this has to be the first review I'm doing on this blog so it might be a little rusty.  

Well the total Score will be out of 20/20, but each section will get an individual 5/5. So for example it will be Story + Characters-5/5, Sounds + Music-5/5, Controls-5/5, Overall Gameplay-5/5 I will also comment on these categories and give my personal individual rating. The score boards: 

F(<10) C-(11) C(12) C+(13) B-(14) B(15) B+(16) A-(17) A(18) A+(19) A*(20/20) 

Story: Well Vaati is trying to obtain special powers and has turned Princess Zelda to stone and Link is the chosen hero to stop his sinister plans and to rescue Princess Zelda, Vaati is an unusual character he is very edgy and seems a bit like Ghirahim from Skyward Sword but this is my opinion. 4/5

Music: The music from Minish Cap seems to be like the older Zelda games, which I love. It has the certain themes which bring back memories. Not all portable Zelda games have this treasure, but in my opinion all Zelda games have amazing music. 5/5

Controls: The controls are exactly like what you would expect, but I didn't think the 3DS would have played the GBA game as well as I had thought, but it did. 4/5

Overall Gameplay: One reason why I absolutely love this game is because, 1. It's kind of a mixture of Pokemon and Harvest Moon (Both games which I love) and there is so much to explore in this game and 2. It seems rather like a DS game than a GBA game, meaning that in my opinion it has the capabilities of a better generation handheld. If I never knew this game was for the GBA then I would think it was for the DS. 5/5


This is a brilliant game and if you are apart of the 3DS ambassador program then I suggest you play this right away or if you already have this game and also have a GBA then I advise that you should play it again. 


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